Compassionate, Responsible Representation in the Interest of Arkansans

Jim Wallace 2018

Democratic Candidate for Arkansas Senate District 5 

Compassionate, responsible representation

I want to represent the regular folks of rural Arkansas.  What does it mean to you to be represented by elected officials who care about you, your family and your community?  There can be as many answers to this question as there are readers.  I believe I know some of those answers and you know some more.  If we can share our opinions we still might not have all of the answers but we can work together to solve the problems that confront us.  Please visit TELLJIM.ORG  to help me to clearly understand your needs so that I can best serve our community.  

I suggest to you that compassionate representation in government demonstrates responsibility toward all of the people not just those who donated to a campaign or voted for the victorious candidate.  With compassion comes responsibility to ensure that the citizens' tax dollars are spent on the behalf of the citizens who paid those dollars and not squandered or spent outside of their community.

We need a compassionate responsible government that is beneficial to the citizens.  What would that mean for you?  

Compassionate government is one that cares for people by providing access to affordable, quality healthcare, education, food, medicine, housing, emergency services and guarantees that working people will be paid a living wage regardless of their demographic identity. 

Our government seems like such a big thing, so you may wonder how can it be compassionate?  If we describe big government as compassionate that might seem inconsistent or counterintuitive.  So to appreciate this idea one has to simply consider the services that government provides to make our lives better and more manageable.  The construction and maintenance of our highways and bridges is but one example of how government works successfully with the private sector to create and sustain an enormous system that was not accomplished by either government or the private sector acting alone.  A government that turns its back on veterans who need to assimilate back into civilian life has no respect. For those veterans not receiving proper and timely care for life-changing injuries the lack of empathy is appalling.  These issues are generally recognized as those of the federal level, or beyond the scope of the State Senate, but I believe there is help we can provide at the local level.   A government of the richest country on the planet that allows vast regions of people to endure hunger (or food insecurity) to persist at a rate of one in four has no empathy for its citizens. 

In this region of District 5, the economic engines and cultural fuels that are of vital importance to the people in the areas of manufacturing, healthcare, construction, education, agriculture, hospitality and fine arts - I will work to encourage their well-being.  As a small business owner for twenty years I recognize that there are many tools available to help in the form of agencies such as the Small Business Administration and United States Department of Agriculture that citizens need to become more aware of. 

I believe it is our obligation to leave our children and grandchildren a safe and healthy environment.  So to be good stewards of the land, water and sky around us I believe we must base our decisions on the best scientific evidence.  I believe that all people are created equal and that we must work and legislate to ensure that discrimination is not tolerated.  As a volunteer emergency medical responder and firefighter I work with a team of other volunteers who respect the dignity and rights of all people we provide service to.  By extension I see our conduct as a model for others in our community

Quality public education, is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and improving a family's quality of life. It also makes for an informed populace, which is essential to a free and democratic system of government.   

We must reform campaign finance laws so that our government isn't sold to the highest bidders.  Those lawmakers who violate the laws they swore to uphold must be held accountable and processed by the courts.

I want to represent the regular folks of rural Arkansas.   I'm asking you, the reader, to respond by visiting the link at TELLJIM.ORG  to help me to clearly understand your needs so that I can best serve you, your family and community.